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Meet the WFA Coaches

Find out more about Team WFA with our Q&A.

What is completely unique about the coaching staff at WFA is that almost every single one of them trained at WFA as a child. Most went on to play for Wilmslow Town and then came back to WFA to coach.

So lets meet them!

Erik – The Gaffer

Director of Coaching

Erik is  the founder of WFA. An FA qualified coach, Erik works with all the age groups at the Academy and has worked with the Manchester City and Manchester United Junior Academies. He has also worked as a senior scout for Manchester City and its Erik’s ambition to see another WFA Graduate play in the premiership one day just like ex WFA youngster, Phil Foden.

Erik’s main role at WFA now is as Director of Coaching, overseeing the planning of the sessions and the development of the coaches as well as the overall running of the academy.

Erik is also the chairman and founder of Wilmslow Town Football Club. He is the Team Coordinator responsible for the welfare and development of all the junior teams at Wilmslow Town from the under 7’s to the under 18’s squads.

So Erik, what teams have you played for? Penyffordd JFC, Alderley St Philips, Barcelona Staggs.

What position did you play? I mainly played CM but moved to RB when age caught up with me! I once scored 9 goals from CM in a high school match in a 9-0 win. Still a record at Castell Alun High near Wrexham I believe! I just thought I’d throw that one in there.

What team do you support? Man United and anyone playing against City.

How did you end up at WFA?  I formed WFA in 2001 when I realised Wilmslow was in need of a good coaching organisation to give kids in the area a good football education and the chance to play for their local team. There were lots of coaching organisations around but I felt that I could do better. 20 years later and I still think we can do better.

Tell us a fact that we didn’t know about you: I used to be a Leeds United fan until I saw the light when I was 11. Also, my nickname as a player was Bloodaxe!

  Erik with his hero Bryan Robson

Callum – G-Man

Callum is the Gaffer’s sons, Cal is one of our most experienced WFA coaches. He graduated from Leeds Uni in Sports Marketing and Public Relations. Callum is a midfielder for Manchester Gregorian’s. He works with JJB teams as well as with the older players on a Saturday and passes on the benefit of his vast experience as a player and coach. Cal also helps in the PR and Marketing of WFA so blame him for any mistakes you find on this website!

Callum now and as an u10 at Wilmslow Sports



So Nick, what teams have you played for? I’d rather not say which team I played for as a kid or I would get the sack! I currently play for Wilmslow Albion which is next door to where WFA is based so if you fancy coming over watch then you’re more than welcome and the bar is always open on match days!

What position do you play? I’m a rapid quick left back.

What team do you support? Manchester United. The best team in the world!

How did you end up at WFA? I started work experience from Wilmslow High School in year 11 and then again in upper 6th form. I loved it so much that I asked Erik for a full time job and hear I am 6 years on! WFA is the best company a young coach could be part of, such an amazing experience and I can’t wait for more.

Tell us a fact that we didn’t know about you: Mmmmm, I’m quarter Italian (if you can’t tell with my permatan)! People think I do tanning best which is a lie!

I’ve also never missed a penalty in my football career. I’ve only ever taken two in my life but it counts!



Harvey is a very talented and versatile coach. He works with all age groups and is a favourite with all the kids. He has a wealth of experience as a player which he passes down to the youngsters at WFA

Tell us Harvey, What teams have you played for? I’ve played for Alderley united and Tytherington JFC

What position do you play? I play anywhere from right wing, centre mid, defensive mid and anywhere across the back line really.

Favourite football team? Manchester City, the best team in the land and all the world!

What are your favourite memories of WFA as a kid? WFA was my first exposure to actually playing football. I started with WFA  when I was 6 at afterschool club at Lindow and it was valuable in developing my interest in football. I remember always having a great time whenever I played or trained thanks to the fantastic coaches and friendly atmosphere.

Harrison “Hazza”

Hazza, what teams have you played for? Wilmslow Town since u7’s and I’m still playing for them.

What position do you play? CM, LM, CDM and LB. Everywhere but keeper and up front!

What team do you support? Manchester City of course!

What are your favourite memories of WFA as a kid? I loved Fridays when I did Summer Camp. Pizza Fridays were the best!

Tell us a fact that we didn’t know about you: Whilst at WFA I was scouted for Manchester United. I also had trials at Stoke City too.


Will has been with WFA since he was 6 years old, leaving to play for Wilmslow Town FC and then on to play for Main Road FC where still plays now for one of the senior teams and is now back with us as coach. He is a very well respected coach working at several afterschool clubs and Saturdays at Styal. You’ll also see Will hosting our party’s!


Will at WFA Holiday Camp in about 2010


Adam “Adamski”

Adam is another coach that started at WFA as a very young kid attending Saturdays, holiday camps and afterschool clubs from the age of 5. He still attends Saturdays, Holiday Camps and afterschool club but as a coach now.

He started with us doing his Duke of Edinburgh Award. We were so impressed with his ability and attitude as a coach that we took him on!


Lucy and Isla

What teams have you played for Em? Alderley Athletic, Wilmslow Town. I was them spotted by Manchester City and played there for 6 years. I won Managers Player of the Year 2 years in a row too! I then played for Cheshire FA from age 13-16 when I tore my ACL and was out for almost 4 years. I am now fully fit and currently play for Nottingham Trent where I go to Uni.

What position do you play? I can play either right back or right wing.

And your favourite team? Manchester City of Course!

Your best memories of WFA as a kid? I remember our girls team winning a 7 a side league with only 5 players. I also remember our girls team beating the boys on a Saturday morning and watching them all cry!

Tell us a random fact about you that we didn’t know: I have a 3rd brown belt at kickboxing. I also used to play against Phil Foden when he was at WFA at the same time as me.


Tell us Evan, what teams have you played for? All through my youth I played for Wilmslow Town where I joined straight from WFA. I now play for Egerton FC.

You always fancied yourself as strikers so what position do yo play now? Anywhere but in attack! I play CDM/ CM or CB!

Who do you support? United!

And what are your memories of WFA as a kid? I loved Saturday mornings at WFA when we were at Ashdene. I also remember scoring in front of the Sky Sports cameras when they filmed us for a news article one morning!

Tell us a random fact about you that we didn’t know: I used to wear a bandana on my head when I trained with WFA and even wore it when I was filmed scoring that goal!

I am also the tallest coach WFA have ever had. That’s all I can think of!








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